About Our Jewelry

All Lovell Designs Jewelry is designed and handmade in the U.S.A. by Ken Kantro who has been an artisan for over 40 years. His pieces have been influenced by the beauty and fluidity of Celtic and Asian art. He uses pewter, sterling, and gold plate. All designs are guaranteed for life with normal wear, and will be replaced at no charge. One lost earring?? Send us the remaining earring and we will sell you a new pair (subject to availability) at half off, plus shipping. We may also be able to turn the remaining earring into a pendant for you.

Pewter is an antimony of tin and copper.

Gold plate pieces are 14K gold plate over pewter. Guaranteed for the life of the piece with normal wear and tear. The gold is a coating and should not be worn 24/7, in the ocean, pool, or in the shower.

Pro Arte is a graphic line that is a cross between a lacquer and enamel process. His Pro Arte Collection is inspired by the colors and textures of historic design and ornament. Images are translated into heat sensitive pigments which are then fired onto brass plates placed in bronze settings and framed in silver or gold plating.

Pro Arte Silver pieces are Rhodium plated brass.  Rhodium is a platinum derivative and is stronger for plating than silver and it will not tarnish.

Pro Arte Gold pieces are 14K gold plate (20mils) over brass plates.

Ear Wires and posts material are either sterling, gold filled, or surgical steel.

Bails for pendants are sterling, gold plate, or rhodium.

Chains are made from gold plate over brass or silver colored rhodium.

Rhodium, a so called noble metal, is resistant to corrosion and is in the platinum family. It is used to give the jewelry a shinier and stronger characteristic. It provides protection against tarnishing and scratches. It also adds to the quality and life of the jewelry.

If any unusual situation arises with your pieces, please call us with questions or concerns. 800-533-9685

Care of Your Jewelry

Kens pieces are designed to last for generations and with simple care will look as new as when it was purchased. Pewter does not tarnish readily, but occasionally needs cleaning. Soap and water can be used to remove superficial dirt. Buffing with a damp cloth in the direction of the satin finish and light abrasive such as Bon Ami or cornstarch will remove discoloration if that happens. Fine steel wool (0000) may be used to remove scratches. Pewter should never be exposed to direct flame or temperatures above 400 degrees F. Gold and Silver plated pieces should be maintained with a jewelers polishing cloth.